Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Key Art
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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition includes all base content from the original Street Fighter V release, in addition to all free gameplay-related modes and features that have been added or will be added in the future. A code for Character Pass 1 and 2 content is included and adds 12 more playable characters and 12 premium costumes. An internet connection is required to download new features and to redeem the Character Pass content.

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Add E. Honda, Lucia and Poison to Your Game!

Purchase SFV: AE 2019 Summer Character Bundle

E. Honda, Lucia and Poison have been added to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition and are now available individually using earned Fight Money or real money. A “Summer 2019 Character Bundle” is also now available for purchase and includes all three new characters, in addition to each character’s Battle Costume and Default Colors 3-10.

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“Honda Sento” stage

Purchase SFV: AE Honda Sento Stage

E. Honda’s iconic “Honda Sento” bathhouse stage has been modernized for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition and is available now!

Laura Swimsuit 2 costume and Suzaku Castle at Night stage

Purchase SFV: Laura Swimsuit 2 Costume and Suzaku Castle at Night Stage
  • Hit the beach in style with Laura’s new Swimsuit Costume – stunner shades and breezy robe included.
  • Debuting in Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, the nighttime version of Ryu’s classic stage has been beautifully re-created for SFV players.